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China best Rr-5006 Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic RAM Cylinder vacuum pump adapter

Product Description

CHINAMFG Double Acting Cylinders are rugged enough for the toughest job site uses and precision designed for high cycle industrial use.
Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes for easy fixturing (on most models)
Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
Removable hardened saddles protect plunger during lifting and pressing
Built-in safety valve prevents accidental over-pressurization
CR-400 couplers included on all cylinder models
Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life

Product Parameter

Stroke Maximum
  (tons) (in) (ton) (in2) (in3)
  Push Pull Push Pull Push Pull (in) (in) (in) (lbs)
SOV-RR-1571* 10 10.00 11.1 4.0 2.23 0.80 22.33 8.00 16.13 26.13 2.88 28
SOV-RR-1012* 12.00 11.1 4.0 2.23 0.80 26.80 9.00 18.00 30.00 2.88 31
SOV-RR-308* 30 8.25 32.5 6.0 6.51 3.00 53.67 25.00 15.25 23.50 4.00 40
SOV-RR-3014* 14.50 32.5 6.0 6.51 3.00 92.70 43.00 21.63 36.13 4.00 64
SOV-RR-506 50 6.13 55.3 11.8 11.06 3.40 67.77 21.00 13.06 19.19 5.00 67
SOV-RR-5013 13.13 55.3 11.8 11.06 3.40 145.17 44.00 20.06 33.19 5.00 115
SOV-RR-5571 20.13 55.3 11.8 11.06 3.40 222.56 68.00 28.88 49.00 5.00 150
SOV-RR-756 75 6.13 79.6 17.6 15.92 4.90 97.58 29.00 13.69 19.81 5.75 92
SOV-RR-7513 13.13 79.6 17.6 15.92 4.90 209.00 64.00 20.69 33.81 5.75 150
SOV-RR-1006 100 6.63 103.2 48.0 20.65 9.60 136.93 63.00 14.06 20.69 7.00 135
SOV-RR-10013 13.13 103.2 48.0 20.65 9.60 271.17 126.00 20.63 33.75 7.00 205
SOV-RR-10018 18.13 103.2 48.0 20.65 9.60 374.44 174.00 27.06 45.19 7.00 260
SOV-RR-1502 150 2.25 153.5 74.0 30.71 14.80 69.11 33.00 7.72 9.44 8.00 110
SOV-RR-1506 6.13 153.5 74.0 30.71 14.80 188.28 91.00 15.19 21.31 8.00 205
SOV-RR-15013 13.13 153.5 74.0 30.71 14.80 403.27 194.00 22.20 35.31 8.00 275
SOV-RR-15032 32.13 153.5 74.0 30.71 14.80 986.84 475.00 43.94 76.06 8.00 525
SOV-RR-2006 200 6.00 221.0 112.5 44.21 22.50 265.28 135.00 16.94 22.94 9.75 325
SOV-RR-20013 13.00 221.0 112.5 44.21 22.50 574.78 293.00 23.94 36.94 9.75 440
SOV-RR-20018 18.00 221.0 112.5 44.21 22.50 795.85 396.00 30.13 48.13 9.75 450
SOV-RR-20571 24.00 221.0 112.5 44.21 22.50 1061.00 528.00 36.13 60.13 9.75 616
SOV-RR-20036 36.00 221.0 112.5 44.21 22.50 1592.00 792.00 48.13 84.13 9.75 845
SOV-RR-20048 48.00 221.0 112.5 44.21 22.50 2122.00 1056.00 60.13 108.13 9.75 1065
SOV-RR-3006 300 6.00 354.6 190.0 70.93 38.00 425.56 228.00 19.13 25.13 12.25 441
SOV-RR-30012 12.00 354.6 190.0 70.93 38.00 851.12 456.00 25.13 37.13 12.25 608
SOV-RR-30018 18.00 354.6 190.0 70.93 38.00 1277.00 684.00 31.13 49.13 12.25 776
SOV-RR-30571 24.00 354.6 190.0 70.93 38.00 1702.00 912.00 37.13 61.13 12.25 1034
SOV-RR-30036 36.00 354.6 190.0 70.93 38.00 2553.00 1368.00 49.13 85.13 12.25 1385
SOV-RR-30048 48.00 354.6 190.0 70.93 38.00 3405.00 1824.00 61.13 109.13 12.25 1720
SOV-RR-4006 400 6.00 475.4 255.0 95.09 51.00 570.51 306.00 21.19 27.19 14.13 670
SOV-RR-40012 12.00 475.4 255.0 95.09 51.00 1141.00 612.00 27.19 39.19 14.13 880
SOV-RR-40018 18.00 475.4 255.0 95.09 51.00 1712.00 918.00 33.19 51.19 14.13 1000
SOV-RR-40571 24.00 475.4 255.0 95.09 51.00 2282.00 1224.00 39.19 63.19 14.13 1317
SOV-RR-40036 36.00 475.4 255.0 95.09 51.00 3423.00 1836.00 51.19 87.19 14.13 1746
SOV-RR-40048 48.00 475.4 255.0 95.09 51.00 4564.00 2448.00 63.19 111.19 14.13 2162
SOV-RR-5006 500 6.00 565.7 315.0 113.15 63.00 678.00 378.00 22.75 28.75 15.63 953
SOV-RR-50012 12.00 565.7 315.0 113.15 63.00 1358.00 756.00 28.75 40.75 15.63 1300
SOV-RR-50018 18.00 565.7 315.0 113.15 63.00 2037.00 1134.00 34.75 52.75 15.63 1500
SOV-RR-50571 24.00 565.7 315.0 113.15 63.00 2716.00 1512.00 40.75 64.75 15.63 1800
SOV-RR-50036 36.00 565.7 315.0 113.15 63.00 4074.00 2268.00 52.75 88.75 15.63 2210
SOV-RR-50048 48.00 565.7 315.0 113.15 63.00 5431.00 3571.00 64.75 112.75 15.63 2700


Product Description

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Double acting hydraulic cylinder is suitable for lifting operation of high tonnage equipment and lifting maintenance operations required precise control of load, also suitable for horizontal pushing operations.


* Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes for easy fixtunng .
* Baked enamel finish for increased corrosion resistance
* Removable hardened saddles protect plunger during lifting and pressing.
* Built-in safety valve prevents accidental over-pressurization
* 3/8 "- 1BNPT coupler and dust cap included on all models.


Details lmages

Product Specifications

Item No




Max. Working Pressure



Closed Height






Oil Capacity






SOV-RR-3014 30 70 549 368 1549 29

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Company Profile

SOV Hydraulic Technoloy (ZheJiang ) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing in hydraulic tools and products, we have been in the industry for more than 20 years. Since the establishment in 1995, we successfully transformed from OEM manufacturer to create our own brand SOV, and our factory has been approved by CE, ISO9001:2008 consecutively. Our Products have been widely used in petrochemical, cement, shipbuilding, steel plant and heavy constructions areas, etc.

We produce and supply Hydraulic tools, such as:
* Hydraulic cylinders, jacks (5-1000ton), single acting and double acting, hollow plunger;
* Hydraulic/ electric /pneumatic torque wrench (100-72000Nm);
* Hydraulic bolt tensioner (100-11486NM);
* Hydraulic pumps, manual and electric type (max up to 3000bar);
* Integrated hydraulic lifting system solutions ( 4-72 points lifting system for house translation or leveling, bridge supporting and tank welding supporting)
* Hydraulic nut and couplings. (M50-Tr1000)


Q1: How can contact sales ?
A1: Please click the contact find our website and email address.
Q2: How can I buy CHINAMFG products in my country?
A2: Please send us an inquiry or email , we will reply to your if there is distributor in your country.
Q3: Can I have CHINAMFG products catalog and price list ?
A3: Please send us an email for price list
Q4: How long does it take to get the product If I place an order?
A4: If products stock available, after confirmation of your payment or advance payment , we will pack and deliver in 3-7 days. If you select international parcel service, it can be arrived in 3-7 days. If it is by sea shipment, it will take 15-45 days depending on different locations
Q5: How to make payment ?
A5: First send us an inquiry, and we will reply you quotation, if our price suits you, we will prepare proforma invoice with our banking details.
Q6: Manufacturing time?
A6: Please send us an inquiry for stock condition, if we don't have stock, and it is our standard products (refer to our model), it can be produced in 10-20 days. If it is customized, not our standard products, it will take 20-45 days to produce.


Our Services:
* 24 hours online service;
* One year warranty, repair and service for the whole life;
* Question report will be replied in 48 hours;
* Quality guaranteed.
* All products will be packed with wooden case.
* Small quantity: by international exress, such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, etc. depending on the customers' choice. Goods will arrive within 7 days in normal cicumstances;
* Large quantity: by sea transportation. Goods will arrive in 10~45 days, according to the diatance.

Material: Steel
Usage: Automation and Control
Structure: Piston Cylinder
Power: Hydraulic
Standard: Standard
Pressure Direction: Double-acting Cylinder


hydraulic cylinder

Can hydraulic cylinders be retrofitted onto existing equipment for improved functionality?

Yes, hydraulic cylinders can be retrofitted onto existing equipment to enhance functionality and performance. Retrofitting hydraulic cylinders onto existing machinery or equipment offers several benefits, including increased power, improved control, enhanced precision, and versatility. Here's a detailed explanation of how hydraulic cylinders can be retrofitted onto existing equipment for improved functionality:

1. Increased Power:

- Retrofitting hydraulic cylinders allows for the addition of hydraulic power to the existing equipment. By integrating hydraulic cylinders, the equipment can generate higher forces and handle heavier loads. This increased power enables the equipment to perform tasks that were previously challenging or impossible. For example, a retrofit hydraulic cylinder on a crane can enhance its lifting capacity and enable it to handle heavier loads more efficiently.

2. Improved Control:

- Hydraulic cylinders provide precise control over the motion and positioning of equipment. By retrofitting hydraulic cylinders, operators gain better control over the speed, force, and direction of movement. The addition of hydraulic control valves and a hydraulic power unit allows for fine-tuning of the equipment's operation. Improved control facilitates safer and more efficient operation, reducing the risk of damage and improving overall productivity.

3. Enhanced Precision:

- Retrofitting hydraulic cylinders onto existing equipment can significantly improve precision and accuracy. Hydraulic systems offer precise control over movement, enabling smooth and controlled motion. This enhanced precision is beneficial in applications where precise positioning or repetitive movements are required. For instance, retrofitting hydraulic cylinders onto a robotic arm can enhance its accuracy and repeatability, making it more suitable for tasks that demand high precision.

4. Versatility and Adaptability:

- Retrofitting hydraulic cylinders can increase the versatility and adaptability of existing equipment. Hydraulic systems can be easily integrated with various types of machinery, allowing for the utilization of hydraulic power across different applications. The modular nature of hydraulic components facilitates the retrofitting process, enabling the equipment to perform a broader range of tasks. This versatility is particularly advantageous in industries where equipment needs to adapt to changing operational requirements.

5. Retrofit Kits and Customization:

- Manufacturers often provide retrofit kits that include all the necessary components for integrating hydraulic cylinders onto existing equipment. These kits typically consist of hydraulic cylinders, mounting brackets, hoses, fittings, control valves, and other required accessories. Retrofit kits simplify the retrofitting process and ensure compatibility between the hydraulic components and the existing equipment. Additionally, manufacturers can offer customization options to tailor the retrofit solution to specific equipment and application needs.

6. Cost-Effective Solution:

- Retrofitting hydraulic cylinders onto existing equipment can be a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing new machinery. By leveraging the existing equipment's structural framework and mechanical components, the overall cost of upgrading can be reduced. Retrofitting also minimizes downtime since the equipment does not need to be completely replaced. Furthermore, the improved functionality and performance resulting from the retrofit can lead to increased productivity and cost savings in the long run.

7. Professional Installation and Expertise:

- Retrofitting hydraulic cylinders onto existing equipment often requires professional installation and expertise. Working with experienced hydraulic system integrators or manufacturers ensures proper installation, compatibility, and optimal performance of the retrofit solution. These professionals can assess the existing equipment, recommend suitable hydraulic components, and carry out the retrofitting process efficiently. Their knowledge and expertise contribute to the successful integration of hydraulic cylinders and the overall improvement of equipment functionality.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders can indeed be retrofitted onto existing equipment to improve functionality. This retrofitting process offers advantages such as increased power, improved control, enhanced precision, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and access to retrofit kits and customization options. By retrofitting hydraulic cylinders, existing equipment can be upgraded to meet evolving operational needs, extend its lifespan, and enhance overall performance.

hydraulic cylinder

Ensuring Stable Performance of Hydraulic Cylinders Under Fluctuating Loads

Hydraulic cylinders are designed to provide stable performance even under fluctuating loads. They achieve this through various mechanisms and features that allow for efficient load control and compensation. Let's explore how hydraulic cylinders ensure stable performance under fluctuating loads:

  1. Piston Design: The piston inside the hydraulic cylinder plays a crucial role in load control. It is typically equipped with seals and rings that prevent leakage of hydraulic fluid and ensure effective transfer of force. The piston design may incorporate features such as stepped or tandem pistons, which provide enhanced load-bearing capabilities and improved stability by distributing the load across multiple surfaces.
  2. Cylinder Cushioning: Hydraulic cylinders often incorporate cushioning mechanisms to minimize the impact and shock caused by fluctuating loads. Cushioning can be achieved through various methods, such as adjustable cushion screws, hydraulic cushioning valves, or elastomeric cushioning rings. These mechanisms slow down the piston's movement near the end of the stroke, reducing the impact and preventing sudden stops that could lead to instability.
  3. Pressure Compensation: Fluctuating loads can result in pressure variations within the hydraulic system. To ensure stable performance, hydraulic cylinders are equipped with pressure compensation mechanisms. These mechanisms maintain a consistent pressure level in the system, regardless of load changes. Pressure compensation can be achieved through the use of pressure relief valves, compensating pistons, or pressure-compensated flow control valves.
  4. Flow Control: Hydraulic cylinders often incorporate flow control valves to regulate the speed of the cylinder's movement. By controlling the flow rate of hydraulic fluid, the cylinder's motion can be adjusted to match the changing load conditions. Flow control valves allow for smooth and controlled movement, preventing abrupt changes that could lead to instability.
  5. Feedback Systems: To ensure stable performance under fluctuating loads, hydraulic cylinders can be integrated with feedback systems. These systems provide real-time information on the cylinder's position, velocity, and force. By continuously monitoring these parameters, the hydraulic system can make immediate adjustments to maintain stability and compensate for load fluctuations. Feedback systems can include position sensors, pressure sensors, or load sensors, depending on the specific application.
  6. Proper Sizing and Selection: Ensuring stable performance under fluctuating loads starts with proper sizing and selection of hydraulic cylinders. It is crucial to choose cylinders with appropriate bore size, rod diameter, and stroke length to match the anticipated load conditions. Oversized or undersized cylinders can lead to instability and reduced performance. Proper sizing also involves considering factors such as the required force, speed, and duty cycle of the application.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders ensure stable performance under fluctuating loads through features such as piston design, cushioning mechanisms, pressure compensation, flow control, feedback systems, and proper sizing and selection. These mechanisms and considerations allow hydraulic cylinders to provide consistent and controlled movement, even in dynamic load conditions, resulting in reliable and stable performance.

hydraulic cylinder

How do hydraulic cylinders contribute to the efficiency of heavy machinery like excavators?

Hydraulic cylinders play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of heavy machinery, such as excavators. These powerful hydraulic actuators enable excavators to perform various tasks efficiently and effectively. Here's a detailed explanation of how hydraulic cylinders contribute to the efficiency of heavy machinery like excavators:

1. Force and Power:

- Hydraulic cylinders provide the necessary force and power required for the excavation process. They convert hydraulic energy from the hydraulic fluid into linear mechanical force, allowing the excavator to exert significant pushing and pulling forces. The force generated by hydraulic cylinders enables the digging arm or boom of the excavator to penetrate and break through tough materials, such as soil, rocks, or concrete, with ease and efficiency.

2. Precise Control:

- Hydraulic cylinders offer precise control over the movement of excavator components. By regulating the flow of hydraulic fluid to the cylinders, operators can control the speed, direction, and positioning of the excavator's arm, boom, bucket, and other attachments. This precise control allows operators to perform delicate operations, such as fine grading or precise material placement, with accuracy and efficiency.

3. Versatility and Adaptability:

- Hydraulic cylinders enable excavators to perform a wide range of tasks by facilitating the quick and easy interchangeability of attachments. Excavators can be equipped with various specialized attachments, including buckets, breakers, grapples, and augers, which can be efficiently connected and disconnected using hydraulic cylinders. This versatility and adaptability enhance the efficiency of excavators by enabling them to tackle different tasks without the need for extensive manual adjustments or downtime.

4. Increased Productivity:

- The power and control provided by hydraulic cylinders significantly increase the productivity of excavators. Excavators equipped with hydraulic cylinders can complete tasks more quickly and efficiently compared to manual or mechanically-driven machinery. The precise control over movements allows for faster cycle times, reduced idle time, and improved overall productivity on the worksite.

5. Enhanced Digging and Lifting Capabilities:

- Hydraulic cylinders enable excavators to perform digging and lifting operations with enhanced capabilities. The force generated by hydraulic cylinders allows excavators to dig deeper and lift heavier loads compared to other types of machinery. This increased digging and lifting capacity contributes to the efficiency of excavators by reducing the number of passes required to complete a task and improving overall productivity.

6. Durability and Reliability:

- Hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand heavy loads, challenging operating conditions, and frequent use. They are built with robust materials, such as high-strength steel, and undergo stringent quality control measures during manufacturing. The durability and reliability of hydraulic cylinders ensure that excavators can operate efficiently even in demanding environments, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

7. Energy Efficiency:

- Hydraulic systems, including hydraulic cylinders, are known for their energy efficiency. Hydraulic cylinders can deliver high force outputs while consuming relatively low amounts of hydraulic fluid. This energy efficiency translates to lower fuel consumption and reduced operating costs for excavators. The efficient use of hydraulic power contributes to the overall efficiency and sustainability of heavy machinery operations.

8. Safety:

- Hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in ensuring the safety of excavator operations. They provide controlled and predictable movements, reducing the risk of sudden or uncontrolled motions. The precise control offered by hydraulic cylinders allows operators to perform tasks safely and accurately, minimizing the chances of accidents or damage to the machinery or surrounding environment.

Overall, hydraulic cylinders are essential components that significantly contribute to the efficiency of heavy machinery like excavators. By providing force, precise control, versatility, increased productivity, enhanced capabilities, durability, energy efficiency, and safety, hydraulic cylinders enable excavators to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently and effectively in various industries, including construction, mining, and landscaping.

China best Rr-5006 Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic RAM Cylinder   vacuum pump adapter	China best Rr-5006 Double Acting High Tonnage Hydraulic RAM Cylinder   vacuum pump adapter
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