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OEM Custom made hydraulic cylinder for harvester/agricultural machinery steering lift

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Introduction to Hydraulic Cylinder for Agricultural Machinery

The OEM Hydraulic Cylinder is an essential part of various agricultural machinery and harvesters. It plays a crucial role in steering lift mechanisms, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of farming operations.

Features and Specifications

The hydraulic cylinder boasts a weight of 100 KGs, making it robust and capable of withstanding heavy-duty operations. It's made of high-quality 20#/45# steel, ensuring durability and longevity. Moreover, it offers different acting types, including both double acting and single acting.

Unique Advantages

This hydraulic cylinder offers several benefits such as energy efficiency, high performance, and safety. It is also non-standard, allowing for customization as per the specific needs of the machinery.

Working Principle of Hydraulic System

The hydraulic cylinder works on the principle of pressurized fluid, where the fluid is used to generate power. The piston rod and piston, the core components of the cylinder, play a vital role in this mechanism.

Application of Hydraulic Cylinder

The OEM Hydraulic Cylinder finds its use predominantly in agricultural machinery. It is crucial for steering lift functions in various farming equipment.

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Product Selection Guide

Choosing the right hydraulic oil and oil seal is crucial for the optimal performance of the hydraulic cylinder. We offer guidance on product selection, replacement needs, and application in agricultural machinery. Our team of experts also explains how the hydraulic system works.



Q1: What is the advantage of your Hydraulic Cylinder?
A1: Our Hydraulic Cylinder is made from high-quality material ensuring durability and it provides high performance and safety.
Q2: Can you customize the Hydraulic Cylinder as per our requirements?
A2: Yes, we offer both OEM and ODM services.
Q3: How does the hydraulic system work?
A3: The hydraulic system works on the principle of pressurized fluid, which is used to generate power.
Q4: How to choose the right hydraulic oil and oil seal?
A4: The choice of hydraulic oil and oil seal depends on the specific needs of the machinery. We offer guidance on product selection.
Q5: What is your production capacity?
A5: Our production capacity is 200,000 sets, and we have 300 sets of various fully automatic CNC production equipment.