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Hydraulic Working System Steering Cylinder for Aerial Work Vehicle Hydraulic Steering Cylinder

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Introduction to the Hydraulic Cylinder

The Hydraulic Cylinder, also known as the OEM Hydraulic Steering Cylinder, is a high-performance piece of equipment designed to streamline the operations of aerial work vehicles. It plays an integral role in facilitating the smooth and efficient operation of these vehicles, aiding in the execution of construction and crane tasks.

Product Specifications

  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Showroom Location: United States
  • Structure: Hydraulic
  • Weight: 8
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 45*5.5*7cm
  • Rod Diameter: 20mm-45mm
  • Maximum Stroke: 72mm-484mm
  • Outer Tube Diameter: 40mm-63mm
  • Inner Tube Diameter: Other
  • Application: construction/crane
  • Color: Customer Requirement
  • Material: 20#/45# Steel
  • Acting type: Double Acting
  • Seals: Hallite, Parker, NOK, Shamban
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2015
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2Pcs
  • Brand: OEM
  • Packaging Details: Standard packaging, Wooden box.
  • Port: Shanghai, Ningbo

Unique Features and Advantages

The OEM Hydraulic Cylinder offers numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, excellent performance, and safety. It employs a superior strength chrome-plated rod that resists corrosion, ensuring longevity. The high-quality Cold Drawn steel tube offers excellent rigidity, while the high-grade Ductile Iron bar directly machined Gland and Piston provide high strength. Additionally, the hydraulic cylinder is factory tested under at least 1.5 times of the rated pressure, guaranteeing maximum efficiency.

Understanding the Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system operates based on the principle of fluid pressure. A change in pressure at any point in the system is transmitted to all other points in the system, allowing for fluid power to be easily harnessed for heavy-duty use in hydraulic steering cylinders.

Application of the Hydraulic Cylinder

The OEM Hydraulic Cylinder is widely applied in various industries, including earth moving, marine, press, crane, telescopic, shear, excavator, and chip dump applications. It is also ideal for custom-built cylinders, offering solutions for small application cylinders to very large cylinders, such as those found on large mining equipment.

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Comprehensive Guide to Hydraulic Cylinders

In addition to serving as an effective piece of equipment, the hydraulic cylinder has a rich history and a diverse range of categories. It boasts multiple advantages, including simple structure, large output force, stable and reliable operation, and easy maintenance. When it comes to installation and maintenance, it's important to consider the hydraulic oil and oil seal to ensure optimal performance.

How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Cylinder

Choosing the right hydraulic cylinder involves considering factors such as the type of hydraulic oil and oil seal, the condition for replacement, and how to measure the hydraulic cylinder. It's also crucial to understand how a hydraulic cylinder works to ensure its efficient operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the warranty period for the hydraulic cylinder?
      The OEM Hydraulic Cylinder comes with a 1-year warranty.
    2. What is the structure of the hydraulic cylinder?
      The hydraulic cylinder has a hydraulic structure.
    3. Can the color of the hydraulic cylinder be customized?
      Yes, the color can be customized based on customer requirements.

  1. What is the minimum order quantity?
    The minimum order quantity for the hydraulic cylinder is 2 pieces.
  2. What is the brand of the hydraulic cylinder?
    The brand of the hydraulic cylinder is OEM.